Product information

Our cartridges are made with a target accuracy of the rate of conforming item of 99.9991%.This is higher than the accuracy of pure gold.

Making JIT products

In the pursuit of uncompromising, exhaustive quality management, JIT’s ink cartridges are subjected to exhaustive, repeated evaluation in the form of durability testing, endurance testing, transportation testing for potential environmental and usage conditions all over the world, as well as printing tests using various printers and papers. And because only those that clear all of these stringent tests leave our factory, we can be confident that our customers will be satisfied. In fact, many express regret that they hadn’t discovered these products sooner and specifically seek out printers compatible with JIT inks. Meanwhile, the stores that carry our products have no reservations whatsoever recommending them to customers. Yet we are not happy to rest on our laurels: we strive for improvements on a daily basis in order to achieve products of even higher quality.

Leading share in recycled ink cartridges!

JIT’s recycled ink cartridges are environmentally friendly products made possible by collecting used, OEM ink cartridges, cleaning and refilling them using cutting-edge technologies developed in-house, and thereby making them ready for reuse. They are fully compliant with the Green Purchasing Law, which promotes purchasing of environmentally-friendly products by the Japanese government. And because the cartridges themselves are reused, this solution reduces waste and thereby helps to protect the environment.
What’s more, JIT operates internal systems for all operations from recovery and recycling to marketing and support, thereby making it possible to realize high levels of quality equivalent to those of OEM products. Thanks to these quality levels, we secured the third largest share of the market after Epson and Canon last year, and we continue to increase our numbers of users year on year.

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    The recycled cartridges are refilled with ink at our main plant in Yamanashi prefecture’s Minami Alps city.

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    To achieve zero emissions, cartridges that cannot be reused are recycled as raw plastic.

  • JIT recycled ink cartridge is an eco-friendly product developed by our latest technology originally developed.

  • Introduction of JIT ink cartridge reuse business

JIT Recycled Ink Cartridge Lineup

Affordable priced and highly reliable, JIT recycled ink cartridges meet the needs of a great many customers.

EPSON エプソン

Canon キヤノン

brother ブラザー


hp ヒューレットパッカード