Company profile

By the request of the times, we provide products and services necessary to people who need them by the needed quantity.

Origin of the company name - Passion hidden in “JIT”-

Just In Time

We provide products and services necessary for the time to people who need them by the needed quantity.

Since President Ishizaka, the founder of JIT, who felt empathy for an idea of just-in-time, gave the name, JIT has been trying to keep various businesses that have changed with the times.

Speed is critical for JIT.

We aim at a company that commercializes what people want without quitting, provides dream, energy, brave and hope from Yamanashi and contributes to society.

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We have commercialized our customers’ demands earliest in the world.
The first is a nail art machine that automatically prints a pattern on nails. From a request “We want a machine that automatically prints a pattern on nails” in the days when manicuring was only provided at specialized stores, we developed the machine from scratch and commercialized it in 1996 for the first time in the world while we had only seven employees without technical capabilities and knowledge. The second is an ink recycled from used ink cartridges. From a request “It is a waste to dispose of used cartridges as it is expensive, generating garbage”, we commercialized a recycled ink in 1999 for the first time in the world. It took several years for us to penetrate our customers with collection of used cartridges, which had been generally discarded, in a situation where it was difficult to set up collection boxes.
As our collection system has established, we contribute to reduction of garbage and control of CO2.
The third is “Tapprint”, an increased-volume skeleton cartridge, which was the world’s first.
From requests “We don’t know whether we have used up the ink cartridge as we can’t see the remaining amount” and “Ink runs out so fast”, we commercialized it in 2009 using technical capabilities over three years. Tapprint is the world’s first ink cartridge with a structure that gives an easily identifiable remaining amount and an increased amount of raw ink that can be used up.
In the developmental process, our technology development department was enriched, bringing us to a successful self-manufacture of a recycled ink, which was the first time in the industry. Now, we use our own inks including the recycled ink in our all products. We have been advancing improvement and reform on a daily basis aiming at higher quality.
In 2010, we came in fist in the unit sales of recycled ink and the production volume in Japan. As a result, an article about comparison between us and genuine ink makers and we were highly evaluated. Now, we are seventh in the world as a non-genuine ink maker.
In addition, we started to sell inks in Asia last year to protect the world’s environment and have been developing products “people want”.
We aim at a company that provides dream, energy, brave and hope from Yamanashi and contributes to society for ever.

Logo mark - Visual and identify that express JIT’s passion-

Based on “Connection and interaction with people” read from “Spirit of establishment”, our company name was designed imaging “Connection with people”, “Snugging up” and “Supporting”.
The shape of “jit” expresses “a row of people walking”. “J” expresses our company name itself and “i” expresses our customers. “t” means “tsuzuku, tsunagaru (continuity and connection)”. It pictures how people who got sympathetic to our products and services are led to the next stage (life environment).
JIT GROUP -JIT's passion hidden in its logo-
The logo of JIT GROUP is used to show the entire JIT Group including JIT Inc., Jit ceremony co., ltd. and NPO CORPORATION JIT MEETING SUN.
It is simply expressed “JIT GRUOP”.
JIT Group JIT’s passion hidden in its logo
Squares are placed above the logo of JIT as a secondary element of the brand.
This pictures that our products that spread speedily with their advantages of “Ink dot” and “Just-in-time” (in which our spirit is hidden). “Passion and progress” below the log shows our passion and progress.

JIT Blue- Important “corporate color” expressing our group's symbol.

  • our corporate color
    JIT Blue
  • our secondary color
    JIT Sky Blue

JIT Blue, our corporate color, means a vast extent of sea that has nurtured the origin and human and our “sea of creation” to generate new values and services.
“JIT Sky Blue” as our secondary color is used for JIT Inc. (recycling business) and Jit ceremony co., ltd. (Ceremony business). It means “Attaining a higher state (achieving a higher goal)” and “providing a service clear and pleasant like fair weather.”
Our primary color “JIT Blue” and our secondary “JIT Sky Blue” picture “Earth”. It conveys our idea that expands from Yamanashi to the world.

  • Set up a collection box. Spread the spirit of mottainai (What a waste!) for the Earth.
  • JIT Group renewed its logo mark commemorating the 25th anniversary of the foundation.